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LifeCamp 2008 TwinCities


Event Info


We will spend the afternoon (12-5) at White Rock Coffee Roasters, sharing and collobrating on the events main question: "What are you doing with your life?" Structure will be finalized by the participants on this page. In the evening we will grab dinner/drinks somewhere else and continue the discussion with significant less structure.



space for session ideas

  • Intro to GTD
  • Power GTD
  • Themewords for the year
  • The "big dump"
  • coaching
  • accountability
  • calendar hacks
  • notebook/scratchpad
  • "inbox"
  • self-metrics
  • better documentation
  • project management metaphor for self
  • input v. output
  • personal branding



Outline of topics for the afternoon

~12:00 ~13:00 Intro; Brainstorming Topics; Big Picture
~13:00 ~14:00 Review: (the process, the tools); Last year: (calendar, blog, other?)
~14:00 ~15:00 Future: (theme words, milestones, restore)
~15:00 ~16:00 Tools: (online, offline, 'college-line', 'blood-line')
~16:00 ~17:00



links to notes and responses during the event



Please add your name to the list. Password is lifecamp-sf.

Thomas Knoll: dydimustk.com

Lindsi Gish: The Remarketer

Rick Mahn: RickMahn.com

Jason DeBoer-Moran


tag blogs and photos with technorati tag: lifecamp2008MSP

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