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LifeCamp 2008 quarterly checkin Q1 at Port Zero


LifeCamp is a BarCamp-style yet intimate (perhaps that makes it more FooCamp-style ;) discussion/gathering that focuses on the question:


What are you doing with your life?


This will be a chance to connect and check-in with fellow LifeCamp2007PortZero attendees, and reflect and celebrate your successes and opportunities for improvement.


This is first in a series of several quarterly check-ins for those that attended LifeCamp2007PortZero. What if I did not attend? See FAQ.


This is a continuation of an experiment in progress.




The attendees of LifeCamp2007PortZero decided that it would be good to have a once a quarter one day check-in to see how we are doing with regards to the topics we had discussed. The nature of a check-in, based on a common understanding established at the previous event, and the limited time nature (one day only) thus compels us to restrict attendees to those who attended LifeCamp2007PortZero.


Upcoming: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/396463



  • 2008-03-30
  • Location: residence in San Francisco
  • Capacity: probably 10ish max
  • Rooms: 2-3 rooms to encourage a variety of discussions (though experience shows that one primary discussion is likely to take place at any given time)
  • Food: potluck
  • Projectors: 1 at facility, more could be brought and set up
  • Whiteboards: 2 small/medium whiteboards
  • Network: Home DSL





  • 9am breakfast
    • host will provide cereal, soy milk, fruit, fruit juice. Feel free to bring breakfast foods to share
  • 10am intro session: what do we want to get done today, allocating the day, sessions
  • 11am first session
  • lunch or snack
  • afternoon sessions
  • closing session: what next
  • dinner out someplace local and healthy




Past Reference



What if I did not attend LifeCamp2007PortZero ?


If you did not attend LifeCamp2007PortZero, then consider organizing your own two day LifeCamp (feel free to borrow topics, planning etc. from LifeCamp2007PortZero) with a few others close to your location. It helps to find folks you think will feel comfortable sharing and supporting each other with regards to the topics that LifeCamp discusses. Feel free to contact the organizers of LifeCamp2007PortZero (Tantek and Julie) for guidance, tips, and suggestions.




See also the lifecamp2008q1portzero tag on Flickr.

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