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Session Ideas


LifeCamp is a collaborative endeavor and depends on your active participation. All participants are encouraged to propose and lead sessions.


LifeCamp is essentially a BarCamp for life hacking. We'll tackle questions around:

  • What can you do with your life?
  • What do you want to do with your life?
  • What are you going to do with your life?
  • And, how are you going to do it?


Here are some ideas for sessions -- please add any topics that you would find interesting.


As a convention, we've decided to not include the name(s) of the person(s) proposing/advocating any specific session.


common sessions

In practice the following sessions have been very useful and conducted at most LifeCamps

  • MonthByMonthReview
  • Lessons Learned
  • Worst / Best of past year / quarter
  • themeword for the coming year (could do quarter also)


from specific LifeCamps


from LifeCamp2007PortZero

  • What are good questions to ask? The basics, the fundamentals, and more.
  • What did you accomplish in the past year?
  • What do you want to accomplish in the next year (2, 5, 10)?
  • What tools/equations can we develop to set and achieve goals and strategies in life?
  • GTD Primer
  • Beyond GTD: Devising and using smarter planning tools
  • DailyMeta: Possibilities for visual, streamlined, data-oriented journaling
  • Humanism and ethical non-theism: Making big decisions without supernaturalism or mythological assumptions
  • Big Projects: How to embark on a substantial endeavor (like writing a book)
  • Resistance to change (psychic immune system)
  • LifeCamp co-coaching - teaming up with another participant for support and encouragement through the next year. Discussion on setting up regular check-in times to review/reshape goals and evaluate progress.
  • To spot your life's guiding star
  • Lessons from Voltaire: il faut cultiver notre jardin, Candide 
  • LifeCamp 2008 - lessons learned, what to do differently next year or in future LifeCamps.
  • Collaboration with 4D - session on Dec. 30 to collaborate online with the 4D group meeting in France. This session will offer more of a global/holistic context to decision-making as a complement to the personal/singular approach of the other LifeCamp sessions. See RelatedIdeas for examples of 4D discussion topics.
  • Measurements for success... how can you tell that you're making good progress?
  • Always challenge yourself... strategies to expand your horizons, learn more about the world around you and about yourself.
  • Looking at and exploring the basic structure behind a mastermind group


~Keeping these notes on this page; but some duplicate info...




  • After an assessment of what you want to keep/let go - figure out the steps that you need to
  • Goals for the next year (2, 5, 10)
  • Tools for goal setting and maintaining
  • Measuring "success"
  • Big Projects

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